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EnergyIn CTPI we are consulting engineers specialized in technologies of energy conversion, remainour objective in this field respond to the challenge of changing conditions in such basic aspects such as availability and prices of fuels and environmental requeriments imposed on a market challenged by numerous technologies , traditional and innovative, whose correct selection requires in depth tecnical and commercial knowledge of them and their potential suppliers correct criteria of energy optimization of each basic solution, a wise consideration of changing conditions cited and an adecuate estimation and assessment of the advantages and exaughstively risks associated with each alternative.

Be able to adress with any guarantee of success so high conceptual specialization commitments requires specific human resources that provide a maximum level of qualifications and proven professional training as well as extensive experience baked by numerous feasibility stidies and work of advice and baking engineering in energy projects, as well as unique references in the implementation of global R&D programmes for the creation of new products and developments of adaptation of technologies known in this field.

Fields of Activities



  • Comprehensive programmes for R&D
  • Consultation of new generation technologies
  • Analysis and optimization of thermal cycles and basic processes
  • Exaughstively studies of alternatives of "repowering" of existing plants
  • Study and selection of technologies or reducing environmental impact and emission of effluents.




  • Exaughstively feasibility studies of alternatives of cogeneration
  • Consultations for adaptation of generation facilities to existing environmental legislation.
  • Advice and management of community subsides for technological innovation projects
  • Consultations for specification and main equipement selection
  • Advice on benefits and risks of implementation of new technologies
  • Application of specific solutions of technological development to the optimization of processes
  • Integrated utilization and classification depending on the energy level of quality of primary energy sources available




  • Collaboration in generating conceptual engineering projects and studies
  • Feasibility studies of alternatives for energy conversion




  • Development of energy transformation processes
  • Energy studies, needs and availability
  • Official consultants of the europen parliament on issues related in energy use




  • Advice on technologies and solutions in the waste incineration
  • Recovery of energy of incineration alternatives




  • Information on the potential use of its technology in concrete projects and adaptation to them

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